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Amelia Garcia

R+F Independent Consultant

My favorite products:
ENHANCEMENTS Lash Boost Holiday Gift with Purchase and
ENHANCEMENTS Micro-Dermabrasion Paste

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My Story


I was simply tired of investing all my time and energy into a career that was putting limitations on how far I could succeed.  I have had a very successful career; 10 years in the Air Force as an Information Program Manager, several years in corporate as a Program Manager and Administrative Manager. I am proud of the work that I have done and I have made sacrifices to achieve success.  However, my heart has never been full and I knew that I was being called to do more.  I wasn’t living my dream.  I am thankful to be able to provide for my family, but there had to be more.  I had been allowing somebody else the ability to live their dream; while putting my own on hold.  I knew that I owed it to myself to take that same energy and drive and invest it into myself 100%   So, I decided to stop allowing anyone to “decide my net worth”; and go live my truth.   


So, I started stalking a friend of mine who I had worked with a few years ago, in the corporate world.  I noticed that she had started her own business.  I was trolling through her page and became very interested in the product.   Then I started trolling harder and I was looking at how successful she was becoming in the business, but even more than that; just how much fun she was having!  I reached out and the story she shared with me put it all in perspective.  I wanted that peace and I was willing to go all in!  I was ready to stop being a spectator and dive in and work with some amazing people following their dreams.


My passion has always been to uplift and motivate.  As a woman, I understand how complex and important or skin and hair care regimen can be.  R+F has a product that I fully stand behind and I have personally witnessed the difference these products have made on people’s skin and in their lives.  I love sharing the amazing products and opportunity to our diverse and beautiful population.   This is going to be an amazing ride!


Stay Beautiful xo


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